Wolf Baseball Cap

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Wolf Baseball Cap for Men and Women

The moon peaks through the clouds and a howl echoes through the night. You wonder where the noise coming from? Maybe it’s a nearby dog, or maybe it’s coming from your new Wolf Baseball Cap. Some say the wolf on our baseball caps awakens during the full moon and howls for its brothers and sisters. Find out if this rumor is true when you order our Wolf Baseball Cap today!

Shopping for a Cause

Gray Wolves were formerly on the endangered species list. The wolf’s largest threats came from competition with humans over prey and habitat. Wolves will often hunt the livestock on farms, leading to many farmers killing wolves with traps and guns. Their habitats also have been fractured due to land development, including highways and housing. Together we can ensure that the Gray Wolf never  again becomes an endangered species. For every purchase of our animal baseball caps, a donation is made directly to animal conservation efforts, such as protecting wolves from habitat loss and human conflict.

Product Details:

  • Type: Unisex
  • Fit: One Size
  • Strap Type: Adjustable Buckle
  • Decoration: Embroidery
  • Color: Black; Icon Color: White
  • Material: Cotton, Acrylic

Cleaning Directions for Best Quality:

    • Hand Wash Using Warm Water & Small Amount of Detergent
    • Hang Dry
    • Do Not Use Bleach