Elephant Baseball Cap

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Elephant Baseball Cap for Men and Women

Show support of one of Wildlife Wardrobes favorite animals, the Elephant. Our  Elephant baseball caps will show to everyone that you are helping protect these beautiful creatures and many many others. Get your Elephant baseball cap today to help save elephants!

Shopping for a Cause

Elephants are on the path to extinction. Elephants are losing their homes at an increasing rate because of human settlement expansion. This is resulting in more elephant-human conflict as elephants are forced to travel through human settlements to reach water and food. Elephants are also under serious threat caused by poachers. Poachers are killing elephants for their tusks and supplying the illegal ivory trade. Animal conservation groups, like World Wildlife Fund, are working to put an end to the illegal ivory trade in major countries including U.S., China, Thailand, and Hong Kong. For every purchase of our animal baseball caps, a donation is made directly to animal conservation efforts, such as protecting elephants from poaching and habitat destruction.

Product Details:

  • Type: Unisex
  • Fit: One Size
  • Strap Type: Adjustable Buckle
  • Decoration: Embroidery
  • Color: Black; Icon Color: White
  • Material: Cotton, Acrylic

Cleaning Directions for Best Quality:

    • Hand Wash Using Warm Water & Small Amount of Detergent
    • Hang Dry
    • Do Not Use Bleach